Domaine de la Chaise Touraine Sauvignon 2023 – New Vintage has arrived

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Owned by the Davault family for six generations, Domaine de la Chaise is composed of 140 acres of vines located on the hillsides of Saint Georges sur Cher. Christophe Davault is the winemaker.

The juicy ripeness reflects a distinctly “New World” style –an especially rich and ripe character; the finish is long with grapefruit-y astringency. The full- flavoured nature of this wine belies the overall light body (only 12.5% ABV).

A crisp, refreshing, dry white wine. Very fragrant with pineapple, passion and grapefruit aromas. The palate is round and well balanced with a nice, delicate minerality.

Perfect on it’s own or serve with goat cheese, salads, seafood, shellfish risotto, grilled chicken



88 points Gismond on Wine “The Davault family is six generations on at Domaine de la Chaise and its 57 hectares of hillsides at Saint George sur Cher. The style is fresh and ripe, almost New World, until you taste the balance and intensity of this Sauvignon that brings you back to the Loire. Global warming is bumping up the ripeness here with even sone pineapple notes mixed in with passion fruit and lemon, all supported by minerality. Goat cheese, shellfish and salads all work. Excellent value, but you will have to search for it in private wine shops or scan restaurant wine lists”.


Domaine de la Chaise


Touraine, Loire Valley, France


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