Piron Coq Leon 2019

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95% Gamay from Beaujolais & Beaujolais Villages combined with 5% Gamaret. The latter, a little known varietal created in the 1990s by crossing Gamay with Reichensteiner, had hopes of being authorized for production in Beaujolais, but this never happened. Consequently, there are plots of these vines growing in little known villages in the region and occasionally, as in this case, it is blended with Gamay to make a plump, darker, some would say more fun wine to be enjoyed without fuss with the hearty fare served locally.
Julien Revillon, now head of Dominique Piron’s operation, owns such a plot of vines. The wine is in fact plump, delicious, without artifice, but absolutely satisfying and food friendly. 


Interested in buying a case direct? This wine is not available at BC Government Liquor Stores. We bring this wine in for private wine shops, collectors, restaurants, and wine enthusiasts like you. 


Named after the resident rooster in the vineyard, Lyon. This is classified as a Vin de France. All grapes are from the Beaujolais region. 



Vin de France, Beaujolais


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